Village Services Overview

The Village of Alanson is governed by the President and Village Council. The Village Council is made up of 4 Trustees, a Clerk, Treasurer, Zoning Administrator and the Street Commissioner.

The Village Council is the law-making and policy-forming branch of Village Government. The Council meets publicly once a month, on the second Monday of the month at 6:00pm, in the Littlefield Alanson Community Building, 7631 US 31 Alanson.

The Alanson-Downtown Development Authority has created a Development Plan covering Streetscape Enhancements, Consultation and Operations Expenditures, Construction, Promotional and Cultural Development, Street and Sidewalk Improvements, Safety and Security and Parks & Recreation projects.


Village of Alanson's Hillside GardensAerial View of AlansonBridge View of the Crooked RiverAnnual 4th July ParadeChildren's Playground at Civic Park